i am obsessed with glow in the dark stuff

I am in the process of putting together a group event called "Come glow with me." It was suppose to happen over the winter but with the polar vortex and all, I decided to try again in the summer.  Every year we try to organize some kind of light, landscape changing event.  The first one was releasing 100 sky lanterns at the beach, the next year was sparklers, and this year it will be glow in the dark.  My friend had a good idea, and that is everyone would come dressed up in some kind of glow in the dark costume.  Then the kids would run around with flash lights and activate everyone.  Can you imagine the public spectacle?  I can't wait.

To get ready, I purchased glow tape from a company called

Tape Brothers.

  I looked up several places and the pricing seemed reasonable.  Plus, I like the name, like there's two brothers obsessed with tape (i want to be their sister).  So, the kids and I played around with doing mosaics.  We used cutout wood but you can stencil and cut out different shape on cardboard.  I'm thinking of also taping up the cheap bouncy ball from Target and having the kids chase them on warm spring/summer nights.  Look how well it glows.  I used the high energy 1/2 inch tape.  They were way more vibrant then the gaffers tape.