Third Eye Fringe Long Necklace

Third Eye Fringe Long Necklace


I have a long history with eyes and eye balls.  I used to draw them constantly in high school and I have a gross story about stabbing myself in the eye when I was 19.  I'll save that for later.  

I have always found eyes endlessly mystical and mysterious.  They are a window to your soul and look at them long enough and they look like a tiny universe.  I'm bringing back my love for drawing and painting eyes.  

The eye is painted on vinyl and hand sewn on bronze vinyl to create a fringe, eye lash look.  It hangs from bronze chains and finished off with topez colored drop and wood tooth shaped accent.

The chain is 22" at the eye and the necklace measures17" from top to bottom. 

I'm happy to adjust the size for you, just ask.  :)



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